Rina Trevi • Dec 21, 2020 • 2 min read
A bit about our name.

The name UNDER|LINE means a lot to us. Its first part is a reference to going under...a spell perhaps? Into a trance perhaps? At any rate, into the beguiling altered state that the BDSM journey of Surrender makes possible. The second part of the name refers to a number of important things, one of which is our founder’s passion for a sport of ultimate surrender - free diving. When you free dive, you hold your breath under water and rely on no equipment except for one thing: a line. This rope, which assists you in feeling how deep you go, also orients you and keeps you from getting swept away by underwater currents or becoming lost. When we invite you to dive deeply into yourself, we offer our guidance as that same (life) line. Our approach to kinк and intimate self-exploration is a conscious and conscientious one and, as such, we wouldn’t dream of letting you get lost in its depths without a sense of safety.

And speaking of ropes…. Ropes are another passion of ours. The Japanese art of shibari, or rope bondagе, is a beautiful and powerful part of our BDSМ practice. Depending on what end of the line you are on--whether you are tying or being tied--the rope can represent dominance or submission. In either case, it is a potent tool for a profound journey into the self. This journey will underline (if you’ll pardon the pun) your fears and joys, your light and your shadow, bringing them all to the surface where they can be integrated into a whole, familiar--and yet new--you.


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