Jule 22nd, 13:00 PM EST
a Path to Intimacy
• Acting out fantasies in a relationship

- Learn why role-playing is healthy for a relationship
- Familiarize yourself with various role-play scenarios
- How to negotiate boundaries
- How to choose the game that’s right for you
- How to suggest it to your partner
- Aftercare and integration

In this free webinar you will:
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Rina Trevi

During the past decade, Rina has been a full-time Domme and sexological worker in NYC and internationally. She has gained invaluable insights into the makeup of fear, courage, vulnerability, and surrender and has helped countless men and women to get in touch with their deeper selves.

  • 10 years as full-time Domme in NYC and internationally
  • 3 years practicing sexological bodywork for women
  • 8 years studying Tantra with various schools in Asia
  • MBA graduate
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